Dental & Vision Insurance


Good oral health is part of your total health picture. And it’s not just about pearly whites and fresh breath. Healthy teeth can help you maintain a healthy body. Let us help you find affordable individual and family dental insurance that fits your need. Find a Dentist in your plan that is close to you regardless of were in Brevard County you live .

We have dentists in Palm Bay, Viera, Rockeledge, Melbourne, Cocoa and Titusville to name a few.

So how long has it been since you flashed that toothy smile? 
Have bad teeth affected your mood and self confidence? Don’t live behind a frown – you might be stunned at how affordable good dental coverage can be.

Local and personal = affordable!
Big companies may just pitch you a “one size fits all” large number, but you can get a great deal by meeting with independent local providers like Brevard Health Advantage to help find a plan for you.

Don’t live behind a frown! You deserve a great smile, and the dental coverage that can help give it to you!

Feel better, look better, and smile at the savings!

Why add dental insurance to your health plan?

  • Bad teeth can lead to more serious issues like heart disease
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes from having healthy teeth!
  • Plans are more affordable than you think
  • Preventive care can make a huge difference down the road